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Yoni Massage for Women London

Yoni is a Sanskrit term and it means the vagina, hence Yoni massage stands for vagina tantric massage. This massage is intended for women who want to explore themselves more. To learn about the spots which give them the most pleasure. For women it is Yoni massage whereas men can go for Lingam Massage London services.
The process:
During the Yoni massage the masseuse along with the whole body will massage your vagina too. The masseuse will massage both the outer as well as the inner parts of the vagina. The pressure and the speed that will be used depends on the masseuse. This massage is good for women who have had a bad past, heal from a broken situation and feel better about themselves. The massage is extremely clean, respectful, and is done under strict guidelines. You are completely safe during the process.


• Yoni massage improves the physical sensation
• It heals your mind and release all tensions and stress
• It is beneficial for pelvic pain
• It improves blood circulation.
• It increases energy

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