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Prostate massage is the most undiscussed massage topic of all. But Prostate massage can also give you a lot of health benefits as well. Prostate massage can be extremely pleasurable for a few men. The main reason to do prostate massage is to protect sperms and help you during ejaculation. Almost 70% straight men have tried prostate massage already and have said that it has been beneficial for them. Prostate massage is done for both pleasurable and medical purposes.
The process:
The process for prostate massage will involve you to come clean. Make sure that the massage parlour you are visiting has kept their toys and equipment used for prostate massage are clean and safe. The masseuse will use lubricant on his fingers and hands. You will be either asked to sit up with legs wide open or lie back. Then the masseuse will use lubricant and very gently will insert the finger. The process will be done softly and gently. Then the specialist will start massaging the prostate slowly, building up your prostate massage experience with each stroke.


• The biggest benefit of prostate massage is thicker erection
• It protects the sperm and should be tried if you and your partner is trying to conceive
• This massage can help you cure erectile dysfunction
• It reduces pain which is caused by swelling and soreness
• It also helps in cleaning all the toxins from your reproductive system

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