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Nuru massage London is a type of erotic massage which was originated in Japan. Nuru in Japanese language mean slippery and the entire body is used during the massage session to provide bodily contact and improve blood circulation in the body.

The process:
Nuru Massage in London is performed naked and the masseuse will use a lubricant which will be extremely slippery and odourless all over your body. You will be asked to lie down on the massage table. A delicate sheet will be spread on top of the massage table. Then the masseuse will use her entire body and will glide through your body, increasing physical contact to make your body feel calm and relaxed.

She will touch your face, chest, belly, legs and the back as well. She will perform the massage in circular motion. Once the body massage is done, the masseuse will use her hands to caress.


• Nuru massage London is not only given to you to make you feel aroused but also to relieve stress
• Since the entire body is touched, your body feels relaxed along with the muscles. Any pains or stiffness in your body will be healed
• The masseuse will use a lubricant on your entire body which will make your skin nourished and leave it moisturised
• All the toxins will be out
• You will be in a better shape both mentally and physically

Whenever you are ready for a Nuru massage in London, our ladies are here to please you and bring you in a state of joy and excitement! Our incall locations are welcoming customers from all nationalities, which are curious and open to discover the Asian art of touch and its long-term benefits!

Nuru massage is a famous Asian massage originally coming from Japan. As the art of touch is a common topic in Asia, the techniques to create pleasure and stimulate the human body have been in the center of attention in the last years are more and more looked after in the Western World.

The Nuru Massage London is a special massage made with a special slippery oil, whose name means in Japanese “slippery”. It is a common practice that contributes to stress relief, relaxation and body-mind-spirit connection.

Have a look at our ladies and choose the one you would like to offer the Nuru massage London for you! We will make sure that you get the best treatment and she will impress you with her therapeutical skills! Our ladies are coming from everywhere around the world, some are very young, others are quite experienced and all of them are motivated to join you in this journey along with your senses!

The benefits of the massage are worldwide appreciated, starting with reducing blood pressure, lowering anxiety and releasing endorphins in your blood. The amount of serotonin, dopamine and happiness hormones overall will help you gradually leave any negative emotion aside, release the toxins and enjoy the moment and its positive vibe! The moisturizing gel used for the massage will leave your skin soft and hydrated, as this is one of the best on the market.

Apart from the physical benefits, there are also psychological benefits associated with the Nuru massage in London. People become more self-confident about their sexuality, self-esteem is improved and any frustration vanishes slowly in front of the pleasure of feeling touched and sexually stimulated.

We are happy to offer you the best service and give you a reason to come back once again! Nuru massage in London is completely done with warm nuru massage gel and the whole experience is very slippery and funny! Our lady will cover your body slowly with the gel while helping you get into the mood of the therapy.

As this practice comes all the way from Japan, there is a special recipe for the London Nuru Massage and this is why the gel itself has been specially created for this massage. As it is extremely slippery, it is also an organic gel, with various options to mix it with a relaxing essential oil. This gel is colorless, has no smell and is made of the Nori Seaweed.

As this oil is used for an erotic massage in London, it also involves a lot of body contact. The masseuse will not only use her fingers for the massage, but from time to time she will massage your body with her naked one. This will raise your level of excitement and make you feel comfortable about being touched by a naked woman.

Normally the massage is done on a massage table or a bed. We have all the necessary equipment so that you can relax and get the experience in the right way. We recommend that you come fresh and clean, as this will prepare you for the session and put you in a very good mood even before you meet our attractive lady. We will arrange the room so that you will have the right music in the background, with some lighted candles and small details to bring your peace of mind.

She will start with your neck and shoulders rubing her hands against your most tensed muscles and will continue with the massage all along the spine and down to your buttock. She will play with your body and you will enjoy feeling her soft fingers all over your skin, as she carefully explores it. We are proud of each of our ladies and we try to offer the best service to every customer.

This massage is recommended also for couples who would like to spice up their relationship and escape from the ordinary. Imagine being covered in gel and having someone sliding her body all over yours, feeling her breast on your back and your most sensitive parts. Not only you will explore new sensations, but you will also start to love your own body more and appreciate your intimacy. You will be surprised how your emotional connection will improve and how much you will want to repeat this spiritual yet erotic journey with one of our beautiful ladies.

If you want, we can arrange that our lady comes over and does the massage at your place, residence or hotel room. You can also call and ask for a recommendation and we will be glad to support you the best way we can!

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