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If you are new to erotic massage, then the Mutual Massage London service will be the best kind for you. Along with enjoying the massage, you will understand about a woman’s body too, and how to caress it. Mutual massage is all about mutuality between you and the massage giver. If both of you agrees in the end, after giving you a massage, the masseuse may ask you to give her a massage too and this is what mutual massage means. The masseuse will be naked while giving you massage all over your body.
The process:
The masseuse will prepare the room first. She will make sure that the room is ready for the massage session and is properly cleaned. The massage table has a clean sheet on top of it. She will start massaging your back in the beginning. She will gently rub her fingers throughout your body. The room where mutual massage is performed will have multiple mirrors so that you get to see what is being done. She will tell you and teach you how you can care for a woman’s body and will let you care it too.

The benefits:

• Through mutual massage you get to learn about caring a woman’s body
• Your excitement level will increase after the massage is complete
• You will be able to relax and feel extremely satisfied
• It’s the best kind of erotic massage for beginners
• Your body and mind is healed and feel refreshed

If you have no inhibitions and love to be massaged and offer a massage, you can go for a mutual massage in London. This is a very common massage belonging to the tantric massage group and it involves a high level of connection with your masseuse.

The mutual massage is an amazing and unique experience that you will share with one of our ladies when you will be massaged by her gentle fingers. You will also have the chance to massage her own body and feel her silhouette in your hands. You can book this massage session for as long you want, between 60 minutes and 2 hours. You will arrive on the edge of stimulation as you will touch her and be touched in ways you wouldn’t have thought it was possible. Our beautiful ladies are here to make you feel good and are happy to guide you through this unforgettable erotic experience!

As they will massage your body, they will carefully explore your erogenous zones and thus let your negative energy vanish. As this is a therapeutical way of dealing with emotional blockages and energetic blockages, you will notice the benefits right after the massage finishes and your body feels easy and fresh.

The lady you will choose will take her time to work her way across your body and let you breathe and enjoy the treatment until all tension is released. This massage will give you the chance to also explore the curves of our lady, touch her and explore her sensuality as she is all yours.

You will both get closer and more and more intimate and your will start creating an energetic bond that will make you feel one. The closer you will feel her body to yours, the more you will want to explore it more carefully and more intensely. This is a great way to exchange pleasure and learn how to improve your massaging techniques while learning from a professional masseuse.

The mutual massage has great benefits for your psychological and physical well-being, starting from your level of anxiety, stress, self-esteem and inner trauma. While being touched gently, you will feel positive emotions which you will then associate with your sexuality and intimacy and this will make you feel more confident about yourself and your own body.

As communication is very important, our lady will make sure to find out what you like most for this massage and how you prefer to be touched. We advise asking as well how your masseuse would like to have the massage and adapt to her answers. This will make you feel involved in the session and will leave an even stronger impact on your sexuality.

The more you understand your partner, the more you can help her and the same rule is valid for the mutual massage too. You have to try to see how the masseuse likes your massage and then do it the best way you can. The challenge to get her on the peaks of pleasure will help you overcome your shyness and take control of the situation until she is satisfied.

While massaging her body you will feel a lot of intense emotions and maybe even reach an orgasm. As this experience lets you fantasize a lot about yourself and the masseuse, it is also a great occasion to concentrate on bringing pleasure into the game and let your senses explore your subconscious mind.

As you will have a look at our ladies, you will soon be curious to try one session with one of them. They are very professional, carefully selected and extremely well-educated. Our beauty standards are very high, therefore you will see how attractive they are and how challenging it will be to choose only one.

The reason why many people go for this mutual massage is that they get the chance to return the favor of being massaged by someone. You will build intimacy and trust with her, will feel her sensual skin over yours and will connect better with your inner senses. During the massage you will also learn new tantric skills so that you know how to please a lady with a well-done massage.

We guarantee that our masseuses know all the skills and special techniques which will help you feel excited in ways you were not so often before and are going to bring you wonderful memories after the session. You should give it a try and book a session and in case you prefer her to come to your place, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange it for you. We know how important privacy is and we can arrange for a session in your residence or hotel room. The lady you will choose will come especially for you, in order to let you please her and stimulate your body and spirit.

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