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A premium tantric bodywork experience melts away muscle tension and stress, and leaves you feeling energised and rejuvenated. When the relaxing treatment is focused on a specific erogenous zone, like the lingam, pure pleasure is also involved.

Massage of the lingam is a sacred tantric practice that allows men to fully explore their sexuality and sensuality. As the focus of a lingam massage is the centre of orgasmic ecstasy, the meditative sexual and spiritual experience can be both erotic and climatic.

In today’s fast paced world, it’s important to slow down and make time for a self-care ritual that benefits the mind, body and spirit, and that’s also sensual and fulfilling. A lingam massage certainly ticks the right boxes, in terms of relaxation that is deeper and more meaningful.


An erotic and tantric lingam massage is the ultimate way that a man can elevate his sensual pleasure experience. Developed in Germany, in the 1970s, the lingam massage enhances penile sensitivity, intensifies pleasure and improves sexual stamina. The tantric technique teaches you that there’s really no need rush to achieve an orgasmic release.

Massaging your ‘wand of light’ promotes full body healing, relieves stress throughout the body, increases libido, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. It also facilitates the release of emotional blockages, and can be highly beneficial in treating sexual dysfunction.

It can also help you explore beyond your sexual comfort zone, to let go of inhibitions, and to gain a better understanding of what turns you on.

What to expect during a lingam massage

There’s more to a sensuous lingam massage than enjoying sexual gratification. The tantric practice involves gentle, soothing and relaxing massage of the genitals – with attention given to the penis, testicles, perineum and prostate.

Before the massage begins, it’s highly recommended to set an intention for the sensual experience. Your intention could be to gain a greater understanding of your sexuality, or to delay release for longer than you’re used to.

Your masseuse may select aromatherapy massage oil so that you enjoy additional sensory benefits during lingam massage. The heady scent will help to increase your awareness and arousal.

As you relax in a comfortable, safe and private environment, your experienced tantric masseuse will teach you how to build up sexual energy so that you can reach a higher peak of ecstasy. Maintaining control of the gratification climax will also help to heighten your experience of full-body sexual and spiritual pleasure.

Your masseuse will use tantalising tantric massage techniques that have been used for centuries in traditional Indian culture. Her soft, supple and gentle hands will erotically explore, caress, tease and stimulate your lingam, so that you can enjoy intense orgasmic feelings and sexual liberation.

Sensuous stroking, with warm aromatic massage oils, will awaken your senses and make your naked body tingle from head to toe. The stimulation helps to open the body’s energy centres, so that potent kundalini energy can flow freely.

Erotic touch works like an aphrodisiac, and awakens the life force energy that lies coiled up at the base of the spine. Once the energy rises in your genitals, your masseuse will use her hands to expertly glide it upwards towards your chest.

When you feel orgasm approaching, let your masseuse know, and she will gently pull back and focus attention on another area of your body. This practice of ‘edging’ teaches you how to take full control of your orgasm.

A lingam massage rouses sexual energy, and spreads it to every cell in your body, making you feel energised and revitalised. You’ll feel a rush of sublime ecstasy, as the mind-blowing release surges from your lingam, and floods your entire body with an intense feeling of bliss.

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