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Our Foot Fetish Massage in London

Your personal masseuse will tantalize and massage your entire body using her beautifully manicured feet.
Try something different!

If you were ever curious about a foot fetish massage, we are thrilled to introduce you to one in our incall locations! We are delighted to offer you one of our special massages given by one of our sensual ladies.

As we all know that the best treatment after a long day at work is a massage, we invite you to choose one and enjoy the pleasure of feeling touched by an attractive lady.

Just take some time to read all the bios of our ladies and get to know all of them better and after you made your decision, give us a call so that we plan the massage for you both! We are happy to arrange so that one of our ladies comes directly to your place and makes you feel good while enabling you to save up some time and be discreet.

The foot fetish massage in London is an experience that will bring you to a new dimension and open up new sources of potential and search within yourself. We encourage you to open up and leave your inhibitions, while our lady will lead you through this unique journey.

The foot fetish massage has been invented in Asia a few centuries ago and has served as an erotic way to explore human nature and the art of touch. There are a lot of people in this world who get excited by feet in different ways, from sexy shoes, up to bare feet or sandals. We know that this can be a good way to stimulate you sexually and feel more comfortable about your own sexuality, by exploring this sensitive part of the body and massaging it.

It starts with a traditional foot massage where the lady is placing her palms on the foot, gently pulling the right side forward and pushing the other one back. This movement is done also with the left side of the foot and continues with repeating the twisting motion. The hands will move all the way from the ankle to the toes so that you will feel a continuous feeling of relaxation and pleasure.

Our lady will massage your feet the best way she can so that you release any tension and feel at ease with yourself. Afterwards she will play with the massage gel on your body so that her fingers will feel delicate and sensual all over your sensitive parts. She will also spend some time massaging your erogenous parts while you will enjoy watching her attractive body and dreaming about your best self.

This therapy not only has a medical purpose, but it also helps you unleash any energetic blocks and make room for positive emotions. We know that this is the right approach for a better mood and a relaxing feeling, so we are sure that this massage will only make you feel good.

Because the massage is called foot fetish, this is as well connected to the steps of the masseuse all over your body. She will gently touch your back with her feet so that you can feel it on your back and start fantasizing about her moving naked all over you. This is a very particular feeling and you will want to keep this memory for yourself.

This massage is a celebration of the women’s feet, with a very sweet flavored massage oil and a great experience defined by sensual and deep foot fantasies. This foot-to-body massage is a great way for you to explore your deepest foot fetishes as our lady will guide you through and bring you in a state of excitement and euphoria.

The foot fetish is considered the second most commonly fetished part of the body, after the erogenous parts. While many people are stimulated with a massage on their genital body parts or can easily get stimulated when seeing anything related to this, the foot fetish massage offers a new way of exploring your senses and getting connected to your inner self.

The foot fetish can happen in a variety of situations, from high arches, soft skin, particular nail shape or pedicured toes and it can refer even to the foot size. We are aware of how important this is for our customers and this why our ladies are very well-trained and very attractive so that every detail will correspond to your expectations. The masseuse will use her legs and feet to make you feel good and release the tension while she will make sure that you enjoy the feeling and what you are seeing and can let go of your thoughts and worries.

This massage will give you a good reason to come back and do it again because its effects are great and visible on the human body and overall body-soul connection. You will feel in harmony with yourself and will let go of every type of tension you’ve been carrying in your muscles.

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