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Couples massage is a kind of massage service where both the pair enjoys their fantasies, learn new ways to give pleasure to one another, and also improve their lifestyle. The tantric masseuse will either come to your place or you can decide to visit her in the parlour and ask for a couples massage to gain benefits.
The process:
During a couples massage, a masseuse will come and massage both of you and will touch the erogenous zones to make you feel wanted for more. The masseuse understands why she has been called and after the massage session, she leaves both of you to have an intimate session with one another. However, what role play you want from the masseuse is entirely on you. You can choose the kind of massage you want for the couple massage. You can start with tantric massage to stimulate your desires to have one another. Another way to go about it is to opt for body-to-body massage. The massage type is yet again on you, it’s just rather than single you have decided to come with your partner to enjoy the session.


• During the couple massage, you know that you are with your loved one and this can help you to improve your relationship
• You experience the same massage and this can help in creating a strong bond between you two
• This is the best way to spend some quality time with one another in this busy day.
• You will release the good hormones during the session and will feel relaxed.

One of the best ways to spice up your relationship is going for a couples massage in London. We are glad to offer both to you and to your partner a special experience and a relaxing yet erotic massage. As there is no better way to connect and improve communication than by going for a couples massage, we encourage you to leave aside your inhibitions and surrender to the pleasure of being touched.

Our ladies are very careful of your needs and extremely skilled in providing the most sophisticated massages for you. Please have a look at the gallery and choose the two that would fit both you and your partner. You will enjoy the massage simultaneously and will love to be treated like a queen and a king.

We are proud to tell you that our ladies are carefully selected and extremely educated, ready to pay attention to all your needs and adapt to your taste and preference. You will enjoy the music in the background as well as the perfume of the candles around, which have the purpose to stimulate you and your partner and help to relax and release the tension.

The sexual arousal can make miracles between partners which are ready to give each other and are comfortable about themselves. With such a massage you will feel closer to your partner as you both share the same experience and love to see each other happy and excited. This special massage will enable you both to release the pressure, eliminate the toxins and all the negative energy and give a chance to the joy of being touched and feeling positive emotions.

As we all have different preferences, in order to make sure that your masseuse is exactly what you want, we invite you to have a look at all the characteristics and see all the descriptions. Every one of our ladies has her own specialization and different availabilities, but of course, we are sure for both of you we will be able to choose the best ladies for both of you.

The couple massage has been invented in Japan a few centuries ago, as a part of the art of touch and the miraculous benefits of the massage. As erotic massage has as well a very positive effect on your well-being, both psychologically and physically, you can consider this even for treating various traumas or frustrations. The massage will make you unlock your potential and connect better with yourself and your partner.

The intimate part of this massage is the fact that you will be sharing the same room on two different beds or in the same bed with the same treatment from two different ladies. This is a shared experience because you will both share the same pleasure simultaneously. The result of this session is a closer bond and a better connection between the partners after a stressful day.

Usually, the massage is a full-body one and starts from arms, legs, hands and continues to the back, stomach and buttocks. The massage also allocates a special time to the circular moves over the area surrounding the breasts and other sexual parts. Feel free to talk to your lady regarding how to prefer the message.

The partners will be asked to undress before the massage and lie down on the massage bed. We recommend that you come naked and let our lady massage your whole body properly while you see your partner getting the same massage in front of your eyes. This will excite you completely as you will perceive both your feelings and the one of your partner.

We usually use the best massage oils while act as moisturizing agents for your skin. You can discuss with our ladies about the type of massage you would prefer, whether it should be more oily or more physical or erotic.

The massage will start at the lower back and will continue with tapping into the tensed parts. Usually, these parts are very painful and hide a lot of tension. By putting pressure on them our masseuse will help you release the stress and have a better energetic flow. You and your partner will continue enjoying the massage as the masseuses will move to your neck and shoulders and will carefully work through the knots so that also the rest of the tension is released.

You can book the length of the session that best suits you and your partner, between 60 minutes and 2 hours and if you want the ladies can come directly to your place. If possible, they will visit you  to your hotel room or residence and bring all the equipment so that you have a high-class experience. If you choose to come to our massesuse’s incall location, we will welcome you with a clean massage room, fresh towels and lighted candles which will make you want to come back again!

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