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Our Body to Body Massage in London

The easiest way to explain body to body massage is when two body collides together and massages each other. This massage is done by a highly trained professional who will use the body to excite you and possibly help you to attain orgasm.
The Process:
The process will start with a soapy massage. The masseuse will take you into the shower and clean your body with a soap. This is only the first step. The soapy massage will ease your body, calms your nerves, and prepares you to have a clean body for the next step. This will depends on you. If you don’t want the masseuse to give you a bath, then you can tell her and shower on your own. The masseuse will clean the room and prepare it for the massage. Body to body massage can happen in incall and outcall. Soft and relaxing music will be playing in the background with dim lights and scented candles. Then the masseuse will drown her body and your body in oil and will use her body to spread the oil all over your body. The receiver of this massage will feel an experience which he has never had before.


• It is the most popular type of erotic massage and is always in demand
• This massage is extremely passionate and sensual.
• It benefits both your physical and mental health
• It helps in erection and increases the blood flow in your entire body
• After the sensual massage you will feel a lot calmer and relaxed

One of the sexiest yet most exciting massages from the tantric massage spectrum is the body to body massage. As the name says, this massage will be made only with the body and will consist of slow yet consistent movements of our lady over your body in a way you probably haven’t felt too often until now! As you might be maybe overwhelmed with work and stress, such a massage can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The body to body massage comes from Asia, where the art of touch has been studied and explored for centuries. The easiest way to calm someone’s mind and body is by touching. Our skin is extremely receptive to human touches. While some have fantasies about what they see, others can only get physically stimulated and this can happen via a massage, some sensual touches or common activities where the bodies are close and energy flies.

We encourage you to choose one of our ladies and let her stimulate your senses with her naked body. She will gently come close to you, glide her body against yours, let you feel her breath as she touches your shoulders, neck, all the way down to the spine and buttock and will continue exploring your body as she gets your confidence and feels that you are starting to enjoy her work.

We are proud to introduce you to our carefully selected ladies, extremely well prepared, well-educated and ready to surrender to your needs. We only have high-class masseuses, young and willing to improve while offering you the best massage and giving you a reason to come back. We pay high attention to hygiene and this is why in our incall locations, you will always be welcome with fresh flavors, clean towels and a very well prepared space for massage, with carefully selected furniture and all the necessary equipment.

We use special oils for every massage, which are carefully warmed up by our ladies upon your arrival, so that our service is on the level of your expectations. The body to body massage requires intense collaboration between you and our lady, as both of you will explore each other’s naked body and particularities. As she will start touching your genitals in order to help you release all the tension, she will make sure that you enjoy it and are getting ready for more. Most of our customers reached an orgasm during the massage and even ejaculated!

As you are here to enjoy the moment, we are happy to see you taking advantage of our services and exploring the Asian therapeutical techniques while working with the sexual side of the body. The body to body massage has a series of benefits for your health, not to mention your overall self-esteem and sense of sex appeal.

There are studies that confirm that the people who went for such a massage had lower levels of anxiety, suffered from less stress and were more relaxed. For people having problems such as erectile dysfunctions, this massage can help as well. As everyone reacts differently, we advise you to try it if you are curious and open to see how it feels to have someone’s body being massaged over yours. As you will feel the naked body of our lady and her sexy silhouette, you will not resist the temptation to open up and let your senses explore her and everything that is happening around you.

For a body to body massage we recommend that you come clean and fresh, just ready for this sexual journey and confident about yourself. You can choose for how long you would like the massage to last and with which lady you want to have it for the beginning. In case you want her to come over, please have a look at her description and she will manage to be there for you. She will come either to your residence or to your hotel room, ready to bring you on the peaks of pleasure and excitement.

As the body to body massage belongs to the tantric massage techniques and therapies, we are sure you will love it from the first minute. While you will be surrounded with the tantric essence energy, all your emotions will come to the surface and your entire body will go into a different dimension. The connection of the body, mind and soul will enable you to overcome any blockages and let your energy flow throughout your body. While your blood pressure will slow down, you will be amazed at how much energy you will feel afterwards and how confident you will be about your sexuality. Laying naked under our masseuse’s body as she is sliding her body and taking care of your well-being will make an unforgettable experience which you will want to repeat and feel more often than until now!

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