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Everything you need to know

Here is our complete guide to erotic or tantric sensual massage. If you are looking for the best erotic tantric massage service in London, then look no more and get in touch with queenstantricmassage.com today. Remember, only a genuine tantric massage parlour knows what needs to be done and how to make you feel satisfied.
Let go of all your worries and enjoy a nice and relaxing erotic massage today. Queens Tantric Massage London offers a wide variety of erotic massage, to name a few, Tantric massage, Mutual massage, Couples massage, Happy Ending massage, Prostate massage, Body to Body massage, Nuru massage, Tie and Tease massage, Foot Fetish massage, and more.
Erotic massage comes with a dozen of health benefits and we have highlighted the benefits of different kinds of erotic massage. You can call Queens Tantric Massage London for incall or outcall visiting massage in London. The tantric masseuses are all experienced and will ensure that you end up craving for more and you definitely will have a tantric massage with them again. Have a genuine tantric body to body massage session with a genuine tantric massage service provider. Don’t wait anymore, call our lovely concierge at +44 (0)798877661 or visit our website www.queenstantricmassage.com

The human body is an amazing living machine. The five senses in a human body are built to taste, hear, smell, see, and touch. These senses are used to experience pleasure too, but above all the sense of touch is the best way to experience pleasure.
Look at Kama Sutra, this book is the perfect example of sexuality and the way this book has elaborately explained about the importance of sexuality is very important for a couple to maintain a healthy relationship.
Having said that, gradually the word erotic no longer remained a secret between just two people. Tantric Massage in London is no longer a new thing, but what is important here to note is the different kinds of Tantric massage that an individual can choose from and where to experience it.
Body massage has been going on since time immemorial and it is extremely popular all over the world. The best massage in London can give you sense of good feeling and can ease your stress instantly. The masseuse knows exactly what to do and where to touch to make you feel relaxed and calm down and that is the best part about the Elite Tantric Massage.
London is the hub of Tantric Body to Body Massage, but to find the best one is quite difficult. You will want your masseuse to understand your needs and suggest the best kind of Luxury Massage service in London. You would want to experience new methods of massage and feel rejuvenated and that’s why visiting Queens Tantric Massage London in London will undoubtedly the best option for you.
What does erotic massage or sensuous massage mean?
In simple terms erotic massage is a kind of massage where a person touches you in the erogenous zones to stimulate your sensuality and feel relaxed. The main agenda of these kind of massages is to make you feel extremely calm and satisfied. The purpose of erotic massage has a long history. Massage anyway has its importance in the past. Today people look for Tantra Massage in London for sex therapy and pleasure.
What happens during an erotic massage?
You will visit the Professional Massage centre in London. You will speak to the lovely concierge there and go through their catalogue of various kinds of erotic massage. The massage will be provided to you by a trained and skilled masseuse. Erotic massage needs to be done through an experienced therapist who will make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied. It is understandable that for someone new, there will be a lot of questions involved around erotic massage therapy.
Each session will be different, depending on the type of massage you have chosen for yourself. You have to be confident in your choice and relaxed in the skilled hands of your masseuse to be able to achieve the best comfort level and relaxation that is so needed in today’s world.
There will be tantric professionals with different styles and personalities and that is normal and good diversity. Let us explain what goes on during an erotic and Authentic Tantric Massage therapy.
You pick the location
An erotic massage can be either Incall Massage in London or an Outcall Massage in London. The major difference between these two kinds is that during an incall massage, the customer travels to a massage parlour and checks out all kinds of massages available and stays there for the massage. The massage happens inside the premises. The premises will have all the necessary equipment and products required during the tantric massage. The room will be absolutely clean and welcoming. This option is particularly ideal for those who are new to erotic massages. You will not have to worry about anything, the tantric masseuse will know exactly what you are looking for and she will keep everything arranged for you including fresh and clean towels for your shower, toiletries and refreshments.
Having said that, an outcall massage is where you call the masseuse to your home or any location that you have chosen and the tantric masseuse travels to that location. The location can be your private home or residence, a hotel room, or anywhere else where the room is neat, clean and ready for the massage. The outcall massage is good for experienced people but as well for newcomers and who don’t really have a lot of time to travel and are in london for only a few days or so. This is also good for businessmen who are visiting London for business purpose and now looking forward to relax after a long day of tiring meetings. Visiting Massage London in our choice will definitely be a good choice for you. All you got to do is pick the location, date and the time and the masseuse will be there. Just remember that when the tantric masseuse visit your location she will not have access to some of her massage related equipment, like for example the most essential, the massage table. If you are calling for a Hotel Massage London service, then she will have to do the massage on the bed. Ensure that your room is clean and there is space for the tantric masseuse to perform massage for you. Alternatively some hotels offer a massage table for their guests, then we suggest you pick an area in your room, which is spacious and comfortable to use. Along with these guidelines, make sure that only you are present during the massage session.
The conformation massage
If you have decided to go for an outcall / visiting massage and you have decided your location, then you will receive a phone call from the concierge or the masseuse to confirm the address and time for you. This is just to make sure that the tantric masseuse has the right address with her and also to ensure the safety of both of you. This will also eliminate any minimal chances for the masseuse to reach out to a wrong address. This is something that no one would like to happen. Once, the tantric masseuse arrives, sit with her, have a conversation. Tell her about the kind of tantric massage therapy you are looking for and she will also confirm the price of each kind of massage session. Well, you can also have the idea by visiting the website from where you are hiring the masseuse and also the cost of each tantric massage. People usually discuss about the price and the kind of erotic massage they are looking for beforehand. However, the conversation will ensure that both of you are on the same page and both of you know what to expect from each other. Also, you can try your luck in negotiation too.
The first and the most standard rule for any kind of erotic massage is to pay the masseuse before the massage begins. Also, readers may note that the masseuse may ask you to take a shower before she performs massage for you. It’s good for both of you and besides, hygiene is utmost important. So, to avoid embarrassment, it’s advisable to have a thorough shower beforehand and be ready for the massage.
Once, both of you are on the same page, the masseuse will ask you to undress yourself and lie down and to be ready for the Erotic Massage London.
The massage
Now we come to the main part of our discussion and that is the massage. The erotic massage will always happen in a clean and appropriately set up area. The room will be usually lightened up with scented candles, it will have soft lightening, and sometime the masseuse may use incenses to lighten up the mood and give you a rather calming and soothing environment. But, you may also note that, this technique is the most standard and may differ from masseuse to masseuse.
The tantric masseuses are highly trained and they bring their years of experience to the table. However, the tantric masseuses are also people and they will bring in their own personality and unique style to perform the erotic massage. Along with this, you as an individual can share what you like, your dislikes, and what exactly you are looking for. The masseuse will always make sure to cater to all your requirements. During the Naked Massage London service, the massage will begin with gently rubbing body oil all over your body and sliding her hands through your naked body, rubbing her hands up and down and touching all the intimate crannies and nooks. She will make you crave for more as her soft, tender hands will touch your body gently. The massage can happen for an hour and the gentle stroking will for sure make you want for even more and this one hour of journey of incredible erotic massage will be an experience of a lifetime.
How long does the erotic massage last?
Usually, an erotic massage lasts 60 minutes. The typical countdown has always been 60 minutes, but sometimes the tantric masseuse or the parlour you have chosen for the massage may give you only 30 minutes if you specifically request that amount of time. Although, most of the Tantric Therapy in London will offer a full erotic massage for 60 minutes, that is the recommended time. Erotic massage is also designed to see how long you can last. It is about your inner capability, the longer you last during the erotic massage session, the better it is for your mental health. Every erotic massage comes with a pro-bono of Happy Ending Massage in London, which is completely on you. If you want, then you can avail this option too. Many people opt for the happy ending service because this is what makes them release every drop of their stress. Stress release is good for your body and mind.
How you will feel after the 60 minutes of erotic massage?
Once you are done with the erotic massage, you might end up feeling emotional. Don’t worry, if you do, this feeling is common among most of the people who come for erotic massage. Often people say that they have never experienced anything like this before and that’s why it makes them feel extremely satisfied and happy and that’s why they feel overwhelmed with emotions. The tantric masseuse usually lies down with the client and makes him feel relaxed after the session. She will talk to you during the time of vulnerability and let you know that she understands you.
During the time of extreme vulnerability, don’t hold back. Just relax, sit, talk to her and tell her how you feel. Let your energies come out and be in a state of extreme relaxation. Build a rapport with the tantric masseuse and talk to her. You can always return to the masseuse who have made you feel relaxed and satisfied. She will never say no to you, especially after seeing the warm side of you.
What is the importance of atmosphere during the erotic massage?
The atmosphere is of the utmost importance during erotic massage session. The ultimate goal of this massage session is to make you feel calm, satisfied, and extremely relaxed. Mood plays an important role and atmosphere has a big role to play. An erotic massage is all about connecting with one another and trust. It’s only when the atmosphere is right, the tantric masseuse is able to perform the massage better. When she lights the scented candle in a dim light environment, all the focus goes into making you relax and feel rejuvenated and she will do whatever it takes to make the atmosphere right. You are here for the erotic massage for a purpose and atmosphere surely do play a huge role in it.
What are the benefits of going for erotic massage?
Erotic massage touches you in spots which calms you instantly. Your body is the temple and tantric massage is about connecting bodies with one another in a sensuous way. It is about embracing your naked body and letting the masseuse do what she knows. An erotic massage is so much more than simply having fun, it is about your health too. Here are some of the benefits of going for an erotic massage:

  1. Letting go of stress and shyness
    Stress plays a big role in making us feel tired all the time, this is the reason why our personal life suffers the most. Along the same line, shyness is another reason why people stay away from touch. Erotic massage can help you overcome both shyness and stress. There is a big reason why there are so many individuals who always prefer erotic massage over any other massage. Nude Massage London service teaches you to embrace your body and let go of all kinds of inhibitions that you might have in your mind.
    Just remember, we are all born naked in this world. We are free and independent being. There is nothing wrong with being naked in front of another person. Erotic massage will teach you about many various spots which can trigger your sensuality and make you feel relaxed.
    Having said that, even during stress, the one thing that we all crave for is for some relaxation and tantric massage can surely give you that.
  2. Tantric massage can improve your physical health
    Most of the people are not aware of the fact that Sensual Massage London service can actually benefit the health of muscles too. When the masseuse puts pressure on your muscles and joints, connecting tissues, ligaments, and tendons, your entire body immediately feels relaxed. Massage anyway has a lot of health benefits and tantric massage is a package which is loaded with health benefits as well as healing benefits too. The best part about sensuous massage is that it stimulates the blood circulation in your entire body, relaxes the muscles, and also it is more fun. A sensuous massage does not just relaxes you, but triggers the erogenous zones as well. This all-rounder massage session is here to stay and for all the good reasons.
  3. Improve erection
    We all go for perineal massage when we feel pain in the back, pelvic region, ease childbirth, as well as to improve blood flow in our body. Now men have also come to realize the enormous health benefit of erotic massage in the genital area. Do you know that a massage in your genital area can strengthen the muscles and increase the blood flow in that area? Men often suffer from erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation. When you go for erotic massage, the massage in your genital area can help you gain a lot of benefits. It will relax your muscles, make you feel relaxed, and most importantly, improve the blood circulation in that particular area.
    Another massage that males can go for is the Prostate Massage London service. This, however, depends entirely on you and how comfortable you are when someone does that to you. Prostate massage can happen both internally and externally. When done by a skilled professional, the massage can improve the blood circulation in the prostate area. This is a good massage type for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. For some men, prostate massage session can be extremely pleasurable too.
    Let your tantric masseuse know about prostate massage if this is what you are looking for. The masseuse will surely have the right equipment to give the right kind of massage. If you are worried about it, then let us tell you that prostate massage is extremely safe and gentle.
  4. Say goodbye to anxiety and stress
    One of the biggest reasons why people go for erotic massage is to get rid of anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, our lives have become so busy that we hardly find time for ourselves and that increases our stress and anxiety. Erotic massage relaxes your muscles and during the massage session, dopamine as well as serotine is also released which makes your body to feel relaxed within the session.
    Different kinds of erotic massage to try
    Since, we have talked a lot about erotic massage and its benefits to our body, now it is time to talk about the different kinds of erotic massage that you can try. Couples can also come together to learn about these massage and spice up their life. Erotic massage is the best way to experience your inner self and work for the relationship to make it better.
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